Signarus offers Office 365 people compliance solutions driven by sustainability SDGs. We provide you with instant digital evidence, acknowledgements and receipts for corporate risk reduction, regulatory alignment & a sustainable workplace whilst reducing waste.

Greater sustainability, better compliance, less waste!

Can you prove who has actually read a document? Without this ability you do not have a serious sustainability and policy solution. With printed content you can never be sure whether anything has been read, with digital policies in Orchestra, you can! Printed materials damage the environment and are not part of a sustainable planet or sustainable corporate culture. Isn’t it time you made the change?

How serious is your organisation taking regulatory and policy compliance and how compliant are you and your employees? How aligned is this with your core sustainability strategy? Proving levels of compliance is critical as fines are on the rise. It’s time to act and ensure that your digital compliance and corporate sustainability processes are in place and accepted as the new way of working. Orchestra by Signarus drives a working compliance culture aligned with a core sustainability culture from day one.

A successful, sustainable business environment must be driven by policies, standards and procedures.

Are you meeting your sustainability targets and goals? Your business requires an active digital policy strategy to underpin sustainability gains. With Orchestra you are now able to quickly build a sustainable workplace, banish printing, reduce risk & drive success via digital compliance. If you are still printing handbooks and you cannot prove that your employees have read policy content, you need our solution.


At Signarus we offer Orchestra – our pre-built Office 365 and Azure compliance solutions help those responsible for sustainability & corporate compliance. Our solutions ensure that everyone in the organisation may be held accountable and compliant for every digital standard, policy, regulation and guideline published to them. With new policies and regulations affecting the business you need to ensure that everyone is compliant. It’s a tough position to be in. Juggling the two pressures without a solution can inevitably lead to major business failure. Being able to monitor sustainability targets, SDGs and people compliance in real-time is therefore critical in today’s regulated world.

Driving policy and good practice adoption is critical to a sustainable business.

Whichever your business sector, the Signarus compliance solutions for Office 365 and Azure work fast to help you meet sustainability and compliance targets.

Take a look at our Industry sectors in the menu to see how our unique software can work for you. Corporate responsibility and accountability are critical, but every individual is also responsible and accountable for driving sustainability and being compliant. Can your organisation prove its core sustainability policies are being actively followed and employee compliance adhered to when required – with our solutions it can. Evidence shows that most compliance failures are down to people problems or individuals who are operating outside the policies, procedures or regulations of the business. Signarus solutions help ensure that your people support corporate responsibility and core strategy; are compliant, and most importantly, their adherence can be proven.

A successful sustainability strategy requires active pro-active policy compliance.