Signarus offers Office 365 people compliance solutions providing you with instant evidence, acknowledgements and receipts for corporate risk reduction and regulatory alignment.

How serious is your organisation taking regulatory and policy compliance and how compliant are you and your employees? Proving levels of compliance is critical as fines are on the rise. It’s time to act and ensure that your digital compliance processes are in place and accepted as the new way of working. Orchestra by Signarus drives a working compliance culture from day one.

Signarus people compliance solutions
Real-time evidence and instant audit outputs with Orchestra compliance solutions


At Signarus we offer Orchestra – our pre-built Office 365 and Azure compliance solutions help those responsible for people compliance. Our solutions ensure that everyone in the organisation may be held accountable and compliant for every standard, policy, regulation and guideline published to them. With new policies and regulations affecting the business you need to ensure that everyone is compliant. It’s a tough position to be in. Juggling the two pressures without a solution can inevitably lead to a failure. Being able to monitor people compliance in real-time is therefore critical in today’s regulated world.

Signarus people compliance solutions for Office 365 and Azure
Drive people compliance in Office 365 with Orchestra by Signarus

Whichever your business sector, the Signarus compliance solutions for Office 365 and Azure work fast to help you meet compliance targets.

Take a look at our Industry sectors in the menu to see how our software can work for you. Responsibility and accountability are critical, but every individual is responsible and accountable for being compliant. Can your organisation prove its employee compliance when required – with our software it can. Evidence shows that most compliance failures are down to people problems, individuals who are operating outside the policies, procedures or regulations of the business. Signarus helps you ensure that your people take responsibility, are compliant, and most importantly, you know this in real-time.

Signarus Office 365 ROI
Signarus compliance solutions drive real Microsoft license return on investment