In the UK, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is responsible for regulating most of the aviation sector, including airlines, airports and national air traffic services. The CAA works independently from the Government. The CAA’s main activities include the issuing of licences for aircraft, flight crew and aircraft maintenance engineers, setting medical fitness standards for aviation personnel, such as pilots, who are critical to aviation safety; licensing of aerodromes and other aviation facilities, maintaining the UK register of civil aircraft and its online database, G-INFO, conducting air accident investigations, making sure that aircraft are airworthy, regulating aviation-related engineering functions, issuing air operator’s certificates, operating licences and route licences, managing the Air Travel Organisers’ Licensing (ATOL) financial protection scheme – all holiday companies selling air holiday packages and flights in the UK must by law hold a licence.

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If your business operates within this sector in the UK, you’ll need to meet the economic, safety and consumer protection regulations enforced by the CAA. These can apply to a wide range of air-related businesses. It’s likely that your business, any aircraft you operate, and some or all of your staff will need to be licensed by the CAA and follow certain standards and regulations.

For airline operations, compliance at all levels and across all teams is vital. Whether operating within an airport, city, cargo or engineering division, the adherence to your airline standards, policies and procedures is the bedrock of your success. Ensuring that employees and crews are compliant with the very latest information at all times is an everyday task that can seem overwhelming.

Orchestra for Airlines is the application of our Orchestra Read and Comply™ service to ensure iterative compliance for teams in each area of airline operations. From airside crews dealing with critical health and safety-related processes, to engineering teams ensuring that manual updates have been read by all key personnel, Orchestra for Airlines provides an immediate method of proactive compliance. Tie this in with the real-time Orchestra Read and Comply™ monitoring dashboard and you can be sure which employees are up to date and when they last complied.

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Issue new digital read and comply lists and documents as and when important policy and procedural changes occur to a wide range of teams to drive the highest quality of standards across your entire operational environment and use the monitoring tool to single out areas where compliance can quickly be addressed and improved.

From updating cabin crew trainees with your latest airline operational and safety procedures, to ensuring airport teams are up to date with the latest airport-specific boarding policies, the sky is the limit with the ability to communicate key airline documents when and where they matter most. A compliance-focused airline is underpinned by its compliant employees. Teams and crews being 100% up to date on regulations and procedures allows them to react faster, make more informed decisions and ensure that customers are safe and happy.

Whether there are issues with baggage handling, check-in desks, delayed planes, being certain of what to do ensures that your crews will work to the very best of their abilities in all operational circumstances. If you have a requirement to drive more effective daily compliance for your specialist teams, Orchestra for Airlines can make a big difference to your airline business.

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