Whatever your product or service, successful business depends on standards, quality and repeatable baselines. Your people are your assets in making this happen like a well oiled machine. However your people are also your weak link. Whilst business automation and artificial intelligence can both underpin quality and production, people can and do make mistakes, make incorrect judgements or deliberately choose not to follow rules. It is a fact of life.

Doing something about it means reducing the risk of human error, misjudgement or poor behaviour to ensure quality of product and service remains high without time consuming and costly micromanagement. The more your teams understand what is required of them and sign up to the standards you set, the better the quality of work both as an output and as a daily experience in any office or workspace.

Providing employees with the easiest possible method of consuming policies and standards makes everyone’s life easier, which will ultimately reflect in the bottom line of your business.

Where your business employs seasonal personnel, leverages call centre services or is growing rapidly, ensuring that all your employees are working to the same level of quality output will be crucial to success. However quality assurance should not be a matter of luck. You should have methods and processes in place for driving people policy compliance alongside related training channels. Orchestra for Business provides your business with the mechanism of driving consistent standards and policy compliance to all teams and groups.

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Whether your focus is on onboarding newcomers, re-establishing behavioural standards or insisting on higher levels regulatory compliance, the process of issuing digital read and comply lists to each employee and asking them to train, read and comply has never been easier or faster to achieve. Being able to monitor employee compliance levels in real-time can be fed into appraisals and reviews as well as preparation for internal and external audits.

Similarly, a business may have a specific rectification requirement such as increasing levels of employee security compliance, better purchasing, more effective client engagement, better health and safety mechanisms or even introducing new business processes. As long as the standard, policy, process of regulation is written as a document so Orchestra Read and Comply™ will help drive adherence. Add in other Orchestra governance services to communicate these requirements fast and effectively to make it as easy as possible for your teams to consume, digest and comply.

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