The problem A

Organisations largely do not record (or have a digital method of easily recording) who has read and complied with every version of any published policy document. This means that organisations are largely operating at a compliance level of a hope and pray level of policy management. If your organisation cannot prove who has read what and when then your business is operating at an unnecessary level of risk.

Many business issues are frequently caused by employees and contractors not following rules, avoiding them or claiming to be be ignorant of them. This presents a continuous level of risk to an organisation.

Regulatory compliance is increasingly complex with an incessant burden for most organisations and real-time compliance proof and reporting are increasingly critical requirements to meet internal and external audit regimes.

Finally, for financial sectors, the Senior Management Compliance Regime (SMCR) placed the onus of business and team compliance on the senior manager. This means it is increasingly essential to take a belt and braces approach to layers of compliance management and reporting. Without such solutions a senior management may be placing themselves and their career at risk.

The problem B

Our planet’s natural resources are being consumed at an alarming rate and our environment is under pressure. At a global level the United Nations has agreed a clear set of seventeen sustainability development goals, also known as the global goals. These are refined at a national level, underpinned by sustainability targets and then underpinned by the activities of industries in every sector. Unfortunately the problem is that most organisations are yet to develop an effective sustainability strategy that is at the core of their business.

A sustainable business requires sustainable practices which in turn are underpinned by sustainability processes, procedures, standards and policies. Issuing these is simply not good enough. It is critical that every employee engages with sustainability so that corporate responsibility transcends to become employee responsibility.

For that to happen a proactive and effective sustainability policy solution is required where an organisation can quickly issue clear sustainability guidelines and policies, monitor their digital consumption and prove internal levels of compliance in real-time.

Too many businesses continue to print and issue everything from staff handbooks to operational manuals – in fact anything and everything. This is a major problem that can quickly be resolved using our Read & Comply® solution.

When regulations are breached, it is most often because an employee, agent or associate has gone rogue and is not following the rules, by accident or by choice. Organisations in every sector are doing very little proactively to check the actual compliance status of their people. Managers can often produce little or no firm evidence when required that their employees have signed explicitly to comply to the myriad of policies that are required of them. Emailing policies and regulations out to people and hoping they bother to read them simply dis not a viable working strategy.

Down the line a lack of evidence of active compliance and a compliance culture may produce major legal headaches for an organisation, its reputation, its income and can lead to senior managers facing fines and personal liability law suits (e.g. SMCR). Scaremongering? A quick look at recent fines for breaches from regulatory bodies illustrates the very real dangers that you and your organisation face. Our world is becoming increasingly compliance-focused whether we like it or not and you simply cannot afford to ignore it. Like a burglar alarm, waiting until you have been broken in to is already far too late.

The solution

Mitigating your risk is critical and there is something you can do immediately. Orchestra Read and Comply™ by Signarus can be running in your organisation within a day of placing an order. For every regulation, policy, procedure and standard your organisation publishes or updates, your employees individually confirm training and state for the record that they agree to comply digitally. The Orchestra management dashboard provides you with real-time evidence of the state of your organisational compliance as well as that of each individual. This provides your organisation with the evidence you may need when things go wrong.

Compliance reports can be quickly exported and used in a myriad of evidential ways. Without this, you are leaving you and your organisation exposed every day. Better still, our unique compliance solution runs in Office 365 – the same place where your employees are actually working and not hidden away in some compliance software backwater.

The detail

Our compliance solutions work in Microsoft Office 365, Azure and on-premise to meet your current and future IT strategies. Our Read and Comply™ solution installs in one day remotely by our team if you are in a hurry. It is conveniently licensed as Software as a Service (SaaS) and attracts a simple Opex monthly fee calculated on the number of people in your organisation.

The next step

Orchestra by Signarus is the brand name for our suite of compliance solutions, with Orchestra Read and Comply™ being the most popular. Simply call us on (UK) 020 7 788 9445 or email us at and we will make things as clear and simple as possible by providing you with the cost, a short, live demo and answering any questions you may have.

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