With the 2015 United Nations agreement on the 17 sustainable development goals, now is a time of great change for organisations worldwide. As the 17 SDGs become tangible targets so there is ever increasing emphasis on organisations transforming into net zero practices.

Signarus has developed a unique workshop using our unique Net Zero Pyramid™ designed to assist any organisation in taking a structured approach to planning their net zero transformation. In particular, we pay specific attention to the role of policy compliance in underpinning sustainability goals, targets and business strategy.

Using our original Net Zero Pyramid™ we offer a half day session that covers the following:

  • Introducing the Net Zero Pyramid
  • The Net Zero Compliance Cycle
  • Net Zero Pyramid™ Segmentation
  • Segment Target Mapping
  • Real Time Net Zero Compliance
  • Applying the Pyramid to an Organisation

Total time: 3.5 hours


  • Be better organised in defining your sustainability goals
  • Plan an effective SDG business strategy using the pyramid
  • Understand the key role of policy in net zero transformation
  • Leverage a simple and effective strategic net zero planning model
  • Learn how to underpin net zero transformation with compliance

Contact us at Signarus for more information on (UK) 0207 788 9445 or at info@signarus.com

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