Today organisations across every sector face unparalleled challenges with increasing levels of regulatory compliance year on year. Generating content for employees and agents to read simply isn’t good enough. Effective communication of regulatory changes and requirements to your workforce is a daily chore, as is ensuring that standards and policies are maintained and adhered to.

Faced with issuing regulatory documents and other digital content to hundreds or thousands of employees, agents and contractors, how do you know these documents have ever been read? How do you know when they were read, or whether they were understood and therefore whether your workforce meets policy, standards and regulatory compliance standards? What do you report to internal and external auditors? Can you prove your levels of compliance? Can you prove that an employee failed to become compliant as part of their appraisal process?

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All these are key questions in an increasingly regulated business world. Fines can be punitive from breaches assessed by regulatory bodies and the courts, therefore anything you can do to assist in meeting regulations assists your organisation enormously. Acting after a breach has occurred is already too late. Take a look at some recent industry fines for non-compliance of regulations.

We developed Orchestra Compliance Hub as the fastest way to start addressing these issues for your organisation. In days you can provide a one-stop-shop for regulatory compliance to your organisation. We include engaging digital hubs for on-boarding staff and HR, a read & comply solution for all your workforce audiences, the ability to monitor and report on who has read what and when. Furthermore, we have addressed the need for organisations to have dedicated hubs for critical compliance components such as Health & Safety and also Sustainability.

For any organisation in any business sector, whether a niche business or a PLC, we offer Orchestra Compliance Hub: your fully-configured, compliance workplace product including the regulatory compliance solution Orchestra Read & Comply™ as well as Orchestra On-Boarding (also available individually). 

Our unique industry compliance solution is delivered as a single solution hosted on-premise, in the Microsoft public cloud in Office 365 or Microsoft Azure. It can be integrated into an existing intranet or added as a standalone solution.

Orchestra Compliance Hub is richly designed, fast to deliver, easy to use and structured to drive employee adoption and contains important services and features to assist in driving compliance across your organisation.

To find out more and arrange a demo contact Signarus now on (UK) 020 7 788 9445.

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