Driving a regulatory compliant culture across your organisation starts the day a new employee joins your company. Establishing a compliance culture is key to success from the first day in a new role. In the early days of a job, feeling organised and well-informed is critical to the success in any on-boarding programme. It makes great sense therefore to have in place services that assist in driving compliance as part of your on-boarding process. To this end, Signarus offers you an on-boarding-focused compliance hub containing Read & Comply for on-boarding with real-time HR Manager dashboard monitoring and exportable reporting for auditors and line managers etc.

For any organisation in any sector, it’s essential for new employees to be educated regarding the importance of compliance from their very first day. With Orchestra On-Boarding a new member of the team can easily be issued with a set of new digital documents for them to read online and confirm them as read and understood. This way, once completed, you have a record that your new employee has started on the right footing and prove that you have a regulatory compliance process in situ.

Not only this, a well-trained new employee will have a far greater degree of understanding of what is required of them because they have been well-trained in the regulations that affect their roles and those of the organisation as a whole. On-boarding compliant employees with Orchestra On-Boarding ensures a more productive and enabled workforce, fully aligned with your regulatory compliance goals from day one. Don’t leave regulatory compliance to chance when your new starters can be reap the rewards of your employee compliance strategy.

Now you can present your new employees everything from the latest published staff handbook to HR standards and policies, workplace processes and procedures; health and safety in the workplace guides to essential-to-read digital content. Not only that, you can link each digital document to training content which may be stored elsewhere (e.g. via a 3rd party Learning Management System).

Signarus on-boarding compliance solution for Office 365

With our award-winning read and comply solution you can be certain each document has been read and the new employee is compliant. For any organisation with a constantly evolving workforce, Orchestra On-Boarding can prove essential.

In addition to our successful Orchestra Read & Comply RegTech solution, with Orchestra On-Boarding Signarus also includes a dedicated HR hub with policy update services, report centre and other related services which are scalable and expandable. 

Orchestra On-Boarding includes a Current Vacancies solution which allows you to present all the current role opportunities within your organisation to your existing workforce. Orchestra On-Boarding is a one-stop-shop packaged solution which may be added to an existing Microsoft environment or as a stand alone solution in the Microsoft Cloud to ensure that your organisation starts as it means to go on with compliance at the heart of your success.

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