The commercial transportation of any item, whether it be by air, shipping, road or rail, is impacted by a range of statutory, regulatory and legislative requirements. Penalties can be punitive for those that breach regulations as well as affecting the safety to individuals, communities and the environment. UK agencies involved in transportation regulations include the Department of Transport, the Maritime and Coastguard Agency, DVLA, the Heath and safety Executive (HSE) and the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

In addition the Services, Transportation and Safety Unit (STSU) provide support and guidance for HSE Inspectors and Environmental Health Officers as well as providing advice on enforcement, inspections and investigations. The Transportation section covers road haulage, ports, air transport, bus transport and warehousing. As part of this work, the STSU covers work-related road risk and leads on the HSE’s relationship with the Vehicle Operating and Standards Agency (VOSA), the Traffic Commissioners, the Civil Aviation Authority, Air Accident Investigation Branch, Marine Accident Investigation Branch and Maritime and Coastguard Agency. This section also acts as the head office link to Associated British Ports.

The current Government legislation database lists over 200 separate regulations concerning a range of commercial transportation methods. Consequently, keeping employees compliant (and therefore your transportation business) is a daily operational challenge. As regulations change and update frequently, so it is a good idea to have in place a process of disseminating updates to all personnel involved. It is as a good a strategy to have employees confirm their compliance digitally so that you are able to track your levels of transportation compliance.

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In addition, your transportation business will take into account general health and safety policies, standards and procedures as well as the usual wide range of other business workplace policies which apply in the UK.

Whatever your transportation sector and speciality, having a single method of distributing all required policies and standards to a wide variety of transportation teams , operators and crews whilst also driving a compliance culture and ensuring employees agree to support regulations is a big win. Add to this the ability to audit your level of employee compliance against any issued document in real-time and Orchestra Read and Comply™ becomes a practical tool for your business.

transportation compliance solutions by Signarus

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