The new UK Government announcement backing Microsoft Office 365 (their public cloud offering) will assist in driving RegTech and compliance services to a wealth of public service organisations. In a new 2019 news release, the UK Government has backed the uptake of Office 365 across public sector organisations.

This is excellent news as it opens up a wealth of compliance service opportunities to these large organisations. The move will make it easier for public sector employees such as healthcare workers, social workers and police, fire and other emergency services to communicate and collaborate more easily with colleagues as they won’t need to rely solely on the Government’s Public Services Network. In turn this opens up new opportunities for public sector operations to leverage the investment made by industry in RegTech solutions to drive effective compliance.

Switching documents to the cloud will bring additional security and compliance and drive down UK Government in-house IT expenditure as it moves away from the aging, legacy, expensive internal intranet services that many parts of the public sector currently use.