In this age of social media with the widespread re-use of images and information it would be wise to reflect on what your employees and agents are actually sharing about your hard earned brand, where they are sharing it and how. It is highly likely your organisation name is either protected or trademarked. Your logos may be design protected nationally and internationally and aspects of your services or products may also be protected across multiple territories.

Anyone involved in trademark and brand design and protection knows that it can be a relatively expensive and time consuming task to complete. To defend against external entities copying or using your brand without permission is something your organisation chooses to defend against. It is all the more remarkable therefore how little effort is spent by organisations on educating employees and related 3rd parties on what is and what is not permissible regarding the re-use of brand.

For example, an employee may take it upon themselves to use your brand image and collateral in personal social media posts on Instagram, Facebook and other popular channels. This is a fast way to lose control of how your brand is being seen and perceived by others.

Similarly an employee may sharing industry opinions and thoughts under the guise of your organisation brand by also publishing their job role or title alongside the article in a channel with great reach.

Another example is how sales employees can generate their own PowerPoint presentations with logos and other corporate image assets and then they may distribute these presentations innocently to clients without any form of permission statement attached. It may appear harmless to individuals as they may not realise that what they are doing innocently is affecting how your are controlling your brand image to a competitive market.

These situations most commonly arise because an organisation either has not taken the time to establish and publish an organisational Brand Use policy, or that it has not been reinforced or publicised in any meaningful way. One should combine a policy with an easily visible statement or reminder to all employees as to what is and is not allowed regarding brand re-use. A simple policy reminder such as a Copyright and Quote Policy is a good start.

Here you should clarify how the organisation name, product and brand names your organisation owns are subject to trademark and copyright protection and how your brand and materials are allowed to be used and not used. By using Signarus Orchestra Read and Comply™, you are able to distribute a Brand Use Policy or Copyright and Quote Policy quickly and easily to all employees, monitor their compliance of the policy and then iterate an updated version periodically so as to emphasize the importance of organisation brand awareness and how brand assets may be re-used.

Combine the Signarus read and comply service with a brand training awareness video and you have a very powerful way of driving home the value of brand compliance and how doing so protects the companies interests and therefore the role of the employee too.

In the age of social media and marketing, taking the small but very wise step to help employees be aware of your brand investment, why it is important and compliant in its use will ultimately help your organisation protect its brand investment, image and reputation and continue to be successful.

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