Most organisations currently have next to no active compliance and monitoring strategy. This is a highly dangerous position to be in within a  heavily regulated society. Our solutions are designed to provide you with an immediate resolution to this problem.  Are you taking steps to keep your company and people compliant? Or are you just giving the nod and hoping that the worst will never happen?!  If you think that you won’t be held responsible for breaches in organisational compliance, you may want to think again!

Nearly every week we read about institutional fines across all Sectors and Industries, whether it be financial organisations, Health Authorities, Local Authorities or FTSE 250 companies, we now live in a society that takes policies and processes much more seriously yet outside of Finance few sectors seem to be taking steps to adhere to their internal policies leaving them wide open to legal claims, damages and fines.

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Eight years ago when the financial services industry faced wide spread blame and criticism for the economic downturn and bad practices, few industries have taken on board the scrutiny required to reduce the proliferation of legal personnel cases, bad practices and other poor workplace behaviours.

Clearly better internal communication and policy adoption is required but processes need to go further than that. Evidence needs to be provided that not only have documents been distributed and read and recorded as signed for, but that policies have been understood and acted upon. Legal requirements suggest that it is not enough to say that policies have been sent out and boxes ticked, but training also needs to sit behind the whole communication process.

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Can you prove that your firm has taken the necessary steps to ensure everyone adheres to your key policies and regulations? We all now have a requirement to comply with policies such as Health and Safety and correct behaviour in the office whatever company size we are.

We read about the large mega companies that face millions of pounds in fines as they are examples set up to make us sit and up and listen but truthfully, institutional bodies can follow any company which is not taking compliance seriously. With all these worrying points in mind, the good news however is that policy compliance is actually achievable! And furthermore there are Microsoft Office 365 based solution from Signarus that sit amongst your intranet and email services in the Cloud that aid easy distribution of policies and regulations to targeted audiences across your organisation.

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We go even further than that to ensure that your HR Managers and Senior Execs can monitor compliance in real time even down to who has complied and when exactly going a long way to assisting in a good night’s sleep.

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