AMP Compliance

AML Impact on Art Market Professionals Drives Read & Comply®

2020 witnesses changes that affect the art and antiques sector. Whilst anti-money laundering legislation has been around for many years it is now being applied to auctioneers and dealers for higher value sales, and associated, cumulative sales. The challenge for those working in this sector is to find an effective […]

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digital compliance signarus

Why compliance signing matters to your business

According to Wikipedia, compliance is the action or fact of complying with a wish or command. Commands tend not to be optional nor open to interpretation, they are rules that exist to be followed. Each rule has an inherent logic, however obvious or abstract and exists for a purpose, the […]

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eliminate waste digitally

Eliminating business waste requires sustainable digital compliance

Waste is generally defined as unwanted or unusable materials. Waste is any substance which is discarded after primary use, or is worthless, defective and of no use. (Wikipedia). There are few people who do not agree we should try to eliminate waste where we can as part of a larger environmental concern […]

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Orchestra available officially in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

At Signarus we are excited to announce that Microsoft has recognised our outstanding Orchestra compliance solutions by listing them officially in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. For privileged applications like Orchestra, it means that our products have been officially recognised for their design and application, and for peace of mind certifies […]

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Health & Safety Managers Find Answers with Orchestra Read & Comply®

With hefty fines being levied via the HSE becoming an almost monthly scenario due to health and safety breaches, H&S Managers are increasingly focusing in on proactive safety compliance solutions such as Orchestra Read & Comply®. Fines are increasing and most organisations are not even aware of how at risk […]

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Find Signarus in Flybe Inflight Magazine this Winter

Signarus joins up with Flybe airline to bring the benefits of people compliance to its passenger audience across the UK and Europe. Look out for our brand new Orchestra Read & Comply® advertising campaign in Flybe in-flight magazine across Europe this Autumn and Winter. Flybe carries 8 million passengers a […]

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