At Signarus we are excited to announce that Microsoft has recognised our outstanding Orchestra compliance solutions by listing them officially in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

For privileged applications like Orchestra, it means that our products have been officially recognised for their design and application, and for peace of mind certifies the quality and sets them apart from random products potentially available elsewhere.

If you are seeing a quality, packaged solution then the Microsoft Marketplace online is where an organisation should look.

As our Technical Director states, there are far too many firms still reliant on unverified, custom solutions developed by a temporary contractor, frequently with no prior experience of the subject field. Such solutions typically lack longevity, stability and support agreements. This presents a significant risk to an organisation as well as potentially undermining the quality of service and performance in Office 365. Believing a self developed solution may be a great cheap alternative is a short-sighted and often failing strategy.

If you are seeking a verified people compliance solution for your Office 365 environment then get in touch. You can find Orchestra by Signarus in the Microsoft Marketplace using the following official link: