Orchestra Read & Comply® is at the heart of our business services and is also included in our Orchestra Net Zero© package. Orchestra Read & Comply® allows you to publish digital read lists to any employee and record their compliance status, ensuring that you can not only drive policy compliance but are audit-ready in real-time.

Orchestra Read & Comply® is amazingly fast to be up and running with and easy to use. It is the fastest way to protect both your business and your people as well as helping your business meet compliance targets. If you want to be able to record employee compliance by signing documents to state they have received, read and agreed to comply with the contents of a regulation, procedure, policy or standard then this is the answer for you.

Whatever your industry sector, your organisation will be required to prepare and publish a range of regulatory, policy and compliance documentation to your employees. These will include regulations, legislation, policies, standards, best practices, operational guidelines and handbooks. However simply printing or emailing a compliance-related document no longer enough to meet regulatory compliance requirements and may leave your organisation exposed.

The hope and pray approach to employee compliance without being able to prove that your employees have read and understood important information can lead to many problems and result in punitive fines for serious regulatory breaches. Your organisation needs to be able to monitor and report on the levels of employee compliance across a range of subjects. To achieve this it is essential that you have a solution which not only publishes the very latest versions of compliance, standards and policy documents (as well as retaining prolonged document version history) but publishes groups of documents digitally to a variety of employee audiences.

Having achieved this, your next challenge is to provide a regulatory solution which offers you real-time monitoring of employee levels of compliance. This requires your employees to open, read and acknowledge each regulatory document provided to them whilst also accessing any related training materials to assist in understanding. With a real-time monitoring dashboard in situ, you will need to be able to export this into a format which can be used for compliance reporting to auditors and other regulatory audiences.

This process can be applied to all employees for such things as a staff handbook or health and safety procedures, select audiences such as those within a particular working environment such as a factory floor or those with a requirement for a document in a specific language. Similarly this process can be applied effectively to on-boarding new starters and ensuring understanding and compliance from their very first day. Watch the video below to see how you can apply Orchestra Read and Comply™ to a common business scenario.

The Orchestra stages of compliance

A compliant employee will have a far greater degree of understanding of what is required of them because they have been well-trained in the regulations that affect their roles and those of the organisation as a whole. Compliant employees using Orchestra Read & Comply ensures a more productive and enabled workforce, fully aligned with your regulatory compliance goals from day one. Don’t leave regulatory compliance to chance when your new starters can be reap the rewards of your RegTech strategy.

Orchestra Read & Comply® allows your organisation to apply the technique of ‘targeted compliance’ to other specific audiences and offer them particular standards, policies, rules, regulations and documents which apply particularly to their role. Audiences could include agents, contractors, consultants, partners and temp staff. With our unique, targeted document read-and-comply solution the possibilities and permutations to drive regulatory compliance are endless.

Key benefits include the ability to target specific audiences, issue them with document compliance lists, monitor in real-time their compliance through an interactive dashboard and export reports for auditing purposes. Your organisation can also apply links to training resources as part of our Orchestra document compliance routine.

Orchestra Read & Comply® offers you a complete, packaged document read-and-comply solution by providing your organisation with the means to publish regulatory documents to audiences, monitor their confirmation of having read each document (per employee) and generate a range of exportable reports based on statistics gathered. These outputs can then be integrated into audit reports as required. Orchestra Read & Comply® may be installed to Office 365, Microsoft Azure or on-premise and is read to use in days. You can have our solution added in and integrated to your existing environment such as an Office 365 SharePoint intranet or as a standalone solution.

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