Health and Safety is a state of mind, not just about enforced compliance. An organisation taking H&S seriously will use the latest and best routes to achieving the very best H&S standards of compliance, whatever the sector. Looking at the themes published for HSE Connect for 2019, its clear that regulatory technology is starting to play a major role in H&S compliance in organisations leveraging modern technology.

Signarus already offers clients a Health and Safety hub in its compliance product line and tied in with Orchestra Read & Comply™, is designed to assist meeting HSE key goals for the coming year and beyond.

To summarise the key current themes:

•Health and safety made simple

•Making health manageable

•The changing face of health and safety

•Insights from incidents

•Impact of Leaving the EU

It is as important for small and medium enterprises to meet H&S objectives as much as large organisations and as such RegTech is assisting that transformation by making complex words simpler through technology. The latest compliance products such as Orchestra enable smaller organisations to solve compliance issues quickly and proactively. It is critical that employees find it easy to engage with technology that will drive their compliance which is why Orchestra Read & Comply is so effective.

Prevention is as good as a cure, and proactive H&S compliance will provide your organisation with a fitter and healthier workforce. Driving compliance from day one through onboarding of new and compliant employees drives a compliant H&S culture across the organisation, enabling and empowering employees at every level. Orchestra for Human Resources was developed exactly with this in mind. Where once upon a time there would be an old thumbed copy of a Health and Safety manual ignored on a workbench somewhere, now we are able to publish the very latest HSE guidelines and H&S publications to a variety of audiences in different languages as often as required.

Not only this, we can also show who has read them, when they complied and are able to prove it. The effective communication of H&S policy and procedures is critical and compliance products such as Orchestra Compliance Plus provide any organisation with these enhanced services in days. One of the most effective ways of ensuring employees understand the variety of topics within Health and Safety is to address case studies and real events for lessons learned.

Tying in compliance products such as Orchestra Read & Comply with online video training and scenario-based case studies is highly effective and far more engaging than traditional methods. With the imminent exit from the EU, the UK will be affected with a wide range of policy and procedural adaptations, amendments and changes. As such it is critical for most organisations to have in place the technology to support rapid change so that employees and agents can be updated and comply with the very latest H&S policies and procedures.

This may affect everything from chemical storage and transportation to building methods, quality standards and construction and manufacturing methods. To this end leveraging the Orchestra Read & Comply technology will ensure that any audience within an organisation is continually briefed and kept up to date with the very latest changes as the EU transition occurs. We should perhaps reflect that HSE aims and goals are there to protect every employee in every organisation and to support a healthier working environment for all. Signarus is playing its part in ensuring that it is as easy as possible to enable a compliant workforce.

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