Two business challenges, one solution.

Challenge 1: Net Zero Business Transformation

Every nation has committed to the 17 agreed sustainability development goals (SDGs). These are global goals for the future well-being of our planet and its inhabitants. It is the task of each and every business to support these goals through its own core strategy focusing on a being an effective and sustainable business.

To be sustainable means that you need processes that define procedures which in turn become operational standards and business policies. Without policies your employees have no sustainability rules and practices to follow.

Printing copious quantities of paper copies of handbooks, guidelines and policies isn’t sustainable and neither is a hope-and-pray attitude to inconsistent employee consumption of critical sustainability content.

Orchestra provides you with an easy and sustainable way of issuing your net zero transformation policies and any other kind of digital compliance content to all staff. Our sustainability solution offers you a fast and effective way of ensuring that your employees are following key sustainability practices to help meet targets and are themselves underpinning sustainability practices across the workplace.

Net zero carbon reduction is a business imperative as well as being a sustainable entity supporting national and global SDGs. It is no longer an option for any business. In our Anthropocene eon, we are accelerating at an unprecedented speed in terms of consumption of our natural assets. Business as usual needs to adjust to the challenges of a sustainable future, and this needs to start now – everyone playing their part contributes to the global SDGs.

Of the five key goals that every business needs to address, the one that we focus on most strongly is to Eliminate Waste. 50 years of unsustainable exploitation of natural resources cannot continue which is why a sustainable business addresses as part of its core strategy, any and every technology which helps reduce their daily waste footprint.

Using Orchestra to prove and drive net zero carbon reduction and sustainability across all your teams is itself a small, cyclical step in becoming and maintaining a sustainable business for now and for the future, which in turn contributes to our national and global SDGs.

Challenge 2: Managing Organisational Compliance

Organisations largely do not record (or have a digital method of easily recording) who has read and complied with every version of any published policy document. This means that organisations are largely operating at a compliance level of a hope and pray level of policy management. If your organisation cannot prove who has read what and when then your business is operating at an unnecessary level of risk.

Many business issues are frequently caused by employees and contractors not following rules, avoiding them or claiming to be be ignorant of them. This presents a continuous level of risk to an organisation.

Regulatory compliance is increasingly complex with an incessant burden for most organisations and real-time compliance proof and reporting are increasingly critical requirements to meet internal and external audit regimes.

Finally, for financial sectors, the Senior Management Compliance Regime (SMCR) placed the onus of business and team compliance on the senior manager. This means it is increasingly essential to take a belt and braces approach to layers of compliance management and reporting. Without such solutions a senior management may be placing themselves and their career at risk

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